Next Generation Resources

Empowering young people who want to focus on a career in dairy production is critical to ensuring the future of the Pennsylvania dairy industry. The following resources are available to equip dairy’s next generation with the training, insight and network to be tomorrow’s dairy farm owners and managers.

For Young Entrepreneurs:

AgBiz Masters: AgBiz Masters is a new approach to building the business and financial management skills of young and beginning farmers. Participants complete eLearning modules and activities, coupled with face-to-face regional seminars.

Center for Farm TransitionsA center designed to put the resources and support around a farm engaged in a next generation transfer. The center can help young entrepreneurs navigate the “PA Grows” system for funding and other resources.

DairyLink Network: DairyLink is a tool designed to connect dairy farm owners who are looking for a dairy manager, younger partner or someone to take over ownership of the dairy with younger dairy enthusiasts interested in finding dairy opportunities.

For Dairy Youth:

Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow: A curriculum designed specifically to prepare high school students to work in the dairy industry.

On-Farm Internship Program: A grant program intended to provide on-farm learning experiences to the next generation of dairy managers in Pennsylvania.

For more information about any of these resources, please contact the Center for Dairy Excellence at 717-346-0849 or [email protected].