Dairy Processing

CDE_splat_cling2 (3)The Center for Dairy Excellence works closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Market Development to offer resources to dairy processors interested in marketing their products as “PA Preferred” and “From Local Dairy Farms.”

Visit PA Preferred Website. Download more information about PA Preferred in Dairy.

On September 1, September 8 and September 29, the Center hosted a round of webinars designed to provide insight to your dairy processing business. Click here to learn about the program details.

Round Two of the “PA Preferred in Dairy” grant program is now open. Fluid milk and other dairy product processors who are registered as “PA Preferred” can apply to receive a grant from the Center for Dairy Excellence to assist with marketing and promotion associated with PA Preferred and “From Your Local Dairy Farm.” Click here to learn more.

The Center for Dairy Excellence also partners with other organizations offering resources and expertise to dairy processors in Pennsylvania. To learn more about resources available through the Milk Processors Education Program (MilkPEP), click here. To learn more about resources from the American Dairy Association North East, click here.

Penn State Cooperative Extension offers resources for dairy processors as well. Click here to access Penn State’s Dairy Processing Webpage. To access a manual on “Getting More for Your Milk through Value-Added Processing, click here.